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Celebration! A History of the Visual Arts in Boulder (HOVAB) is not only a series of exhibitions and programs, but a document to preserve Boulder’s visual arts heritage into perpetuity. Celebration! A History of the Visual Arts in Boulder, an 8” x 10”, full-color, museum-quality, 242-page exhibition catalogue about Boulder’s history of art.

It features 26 essays, including contributions from CU Art and Art Department Chair, Kirk T. Ambrose, art historian Joan Markowitz, city historian Carol Taylor, and many others writing about Boulder’s early women artists, how Boulder’s aesthetic was shaped, visions of land and landscape in art, public art, diversity, visiting artists, the genesis of our cultural institutions and much more, including artist biographies from the 19th century to the present.


Table of Contents:

Preface, “Personal Remembrances,” Mark Addison
Introduction, “Toward a Lasting Legacy,” Jennifer Heath

  1.  “Shaping Boulder’s Aesthetic: A Brief History,” Carol Taylor
  2.  “The Art-ing of Downtown Boulder: Portrait of Carl A. Worthington,” Collin Heng-Patton
  3.  “Women at Work: The Visual Arts in Boulder Prior to 1950,” Kirk T. Ambrose
  4.  “WOW: The Struggle to Establish a Woman’s Museum,” Collin Heng-Patton
  5.  “Landscape as Narrative,” Joan Markowitz
  6.  “The Extraordinary Artistic Pulse of the University of Colorado’s Visiting Artist Program,” Jade Gutierrez
  7.  “A Boulder History of Art Cinema: I’m not Steve Seid, and this isn’t Radical Light,” J. Gluckstern
  8.  “Feature Films: Boulder’s Inviting Surroundings for Moviemakers,” Heather Perkins
  9.  “Shark’s Ink: Magic from a Master Printmaker,” Collin Heng-Patton
  10.  “A Shared Historical Moment: Front Range Women in the Visual Arts,” Fran Metzger
  11.  “Artists of Pattern and Paradox: The Criss-Cross Collective,” Jack Collom
  12.  “Always a Book Town: A History of Book Arts in Boulder,” Jane Dalrymple-Hollo
  13.  “An Adventure in Confluences, or ‘Stilling the Whirlpools of the Mind’: The Visual Arts at Naropa,” Laura Marshall
  14.  “Portrait of a Beloved Boulder Artist: Esta Clevenger,” Jane Wodening
  15.  “The Essence of Art as Activism,” Carol Kliger
  16.  “One Woman’s Efforts to Blaze a New Path for Art in the Era of Climate Change: EcoArts Connections,” Nora Rosenthal
  17.  “Diversity in Boulder Arts: Thirteen Voices,” Glenda Russell, George Rivera, Gesel Mason, Alan O’Hashi, Firyal Alshalabi, Benita Duran, Alphonse Keasley, Melanie Yazzie, Donna Mejia, Daniel Escalante, Norma Johnson, Nikhil Mankekar
  18.  “Longmont’s Rich Visual Arts History,” Lisa Truesdale
  19.  “The CU Art Museum: Its Distinctive Path and New Horizons,” Jade Gutierrez
  20.  “From a Tumultuous Past Toward an Exhilarating Future: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art,” Collin Heng-Patton
  21.  “BAG: A Genesis Story,” Tree Bernstein
  22.  “From Milk House to Art House: The Dairy Arts Center,” Collin Heng-Patton
  23.  “The Eyes Have It: A History of Visual Eyes,” Kathy Mackin
  24.  “Open Studios: A Win-Win Proposition,” Brenda Niemand
  25.  “Getting to Yes (And Beyond): Skirmishes and Compromises in Boulder Public Art,” Dinah Zeiger
  26. “The Queen Bee of Boulder Culture: A Tribute to Karen Ripley Dugan,” Jennifer Heath