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Buff Elting: Artist, 31-year Boulder Resident

My experience with HOVAB began with a studio visit from Joan Markowitz, always an event to look forward to as Joan is such a wonderful person to work with, consult with, talk to, look at art with. She’s the best and so of course, I was honored and delighted that she had chosen me to be part of the BMoCA segment of the overall exhibit. We selected a favorite painting for the exhibit that day and thoroughly enjoyed our opportunity to catch up.

The exhibits schedules ended up being a delightful chance to catch up with many old friends, many being artists I hadn’t seen much of in years. All of the exhibits were well put together, with beautiful art from everyone. The only disappointments were that Karen Ripley had made her journey too soon to be there, and similarly, Joan Markowitz was unable to attend due to illness. I really missed them both!

The catalog is beautiful. Such an obvious labor of love and true dedication. All of the special panels and talks were interesting. I was particularly impressed by the hard work and omnipresence of Felicia Furman and Jennifer Heath and of course, also greatly appreciated the hard work and talent that was brought to the table by Sally Elliot, Kathy Mackin and Kevin Kelley. Thank you all for such an amazing and memorable experience, never to be forgotten and an inspiration for communites nationwide.

Kevan Krasnoff: Artist, Curator, Art Lover / Patron, Community member at large, 40-year Boulder Resident

It was an ambitious program. I loved it. It was a community attracter. I thought it was managed and produced very well….. Congratulations on a fine job. Thank you all.

Joan Anderson: Artist, Art Lover / Patron, Community member at large, 26-year Boulder Resident

I participated in two shows – the Bldr Public Library and Naropa Univ. Both shows were well organized therefore easy for participating artists. Jennifer, thank you for requesting that I show “Red Star Ancestors.” They had been shown only once before. It was a great pleasure to see them exhibited at the library and the response (several “best in show”s) was a pleasure too. One viewer later sent me a poem he had written in response to the piece(s). So, thank you very much.

Bravo on the handsome catalogue. I was surprised at it’s depth and breadth.

Scarlett Joy: Art Lover / Patron, 25-year Boulder Resident

Although I served HOVAB in a public relations capacity, I can honestly working with the HOVAB Steering Committee – Jennifer Heath and Felicia Furman in particular – was one of the highlights of my career thus far. The integrity, commitment and passion they hold for Boulder arts past and future is beyond commendable – it’s inspiring!

I didn’t realize how much I missed the “old school/guerrilla” style approach to Boulder’s art community. HOVAB revived that experience, and gives me hope for what’s to come. Although the HOVAB events and exhibits have come to a close, I’m confident the legacy will endure.

Denise Perreault: Artist, Curator, Gallery Owner, Art Lover / Patron, 42-year Boulder Resident

Fantastic — curator Barb Olsen did a superb job in including exceptional local textile artists, which was nicely displayed, considering the restrictions of 2D formats only. Also enjoyed visiting the various venues around town and the historical aspects of this special exhibit.

Margaretta Gilboy: Artist, 18-year Boulder Resident

I was excited to be invited to exhibit during HOVAB and found that the organizers did a wonderful job making it easy for an artist to exhibit. Everything went as anticipated and was very professional. It was great seeing the work of the others and it provided an opportunity to get an overview of the art that was nurtured and flourished in Boulder and is still being produced there. It was truly a celebration!

Reed Bye: Community Member at Large, 45-year Boulder Resident 

I feel that the HOVAB exhibits, panels, and presentations of this past year have been an extraordinary and unique celebration of the history, variety, and energy of Boulder visual arts. The production team deserve the city’s acclaim and gratitude. Boulder is growing and changing quickly and I don’t think this history could have been remembered, told, and demonstrated if this project had not been undertaken with such love and thoroughness at this moment in our history. A remarkable local arts history was carefully and joyously drawn together and preserved. To all involved; a deep thank you.

Virginia Wood: Artist, 42-year Boulder Resident 

I was very happy to be included in HOVAB. I am in awe of all who created the event. Thank you!

Micaela Amateau: Artist, Curator, 14-year Boulder Resident

Lovely experience. Thank you all.

Michaele Keyes: Artist (submitted separately)

Thank you again for all the work and effort you put into this great exhibit. I was honored to be apart of it.
I really liked being in Mr. Pool Gallery. Terry and Ann were so great. The opening was exceptional. I really just wanted to thank you for your hard work in this project.
Carl A. Worthington: Architect / Art Patron / Community Member at Large (submitted separately)

WOW!!!    Congratulations on your Team’s amazing HOVAB Celebration of the History of  the Visual Arts in Boulder this Fall. All of the events were amazing, and the Celebration Catalogue is incredibly well done.

This is a major milestone in Boulder’s history. Thanks so much for such a monumental achievement.

And also thanks so much for the generous coverage of my early support of the arts, working with so many of you talented Boulder artists, public officials and citizens.

Your Celebration Party last Friday was a great way to Celebrate and start a NEW YEAR. Sit back and relax…

Amy Metier: Artist (submitted separately)

Just want to thank you all for your amazing, far-reaching work and tireless efforts on the HOVAB event.
You honored so many Boulder artists and supporters of the arts, and it was my honor to be included among them!
What a momentous event/program/shift you and your collaborators put on this year! I’ve just begun to go through the catalogue, and it is thorough, comprehensive, authentic, sincere. What a beautiful explanation and history of art in Boulder. Thank you and your crew for including my work in HOVAB.
Bud Shark: Artist / Art Patron / Curator (submitted separately)
Congratulations on the wonderful HOVAB Celebration! I know there were many, many people involved but I also know that your participation was cital to its great success. The book is very well done and an important documentation of the history of the visual arts in Boulder…comprehensive and very well cone. We are so pleased and honored to have been invluded in the exhibitions and the book.